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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to elevate the mortgage process, delivering an exceptional experience for the relocating employees we serve and continual support to our valued partners and clients.

Leveraging our seasoned professionals, cutting-edge technology, efficient workflows, and customized loan solutions, we strive to ensure a smooth and hassle-free mortgage journey. We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and inclusivity, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in every interaction.

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Our Principle

Our guiding principle, "Your Move Matters," defines our dedication to going beyond a mortgage transaction, focusing on the unique needs of our partners, clients, and their relocating employees.

This unwavering commitment drives us to consistently strive for excellence and is anchored in integrity, accountability, and adaptability, acknowledging the ever-evolving landscape of the relocation industry. Our principle goes beyond a simple promise; it conveys our heartfelt dedication to supporting the overall success of your mobility experience.

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relocation roots

Our History

Established in 1987, Premia was founded to provide relocation mortgage support to General Motors employees. Since then, our reach has expanded significantly. Today, we take pride in our partnerships with a diverse array of mobility partners, top Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, government agencies, and relocation management firms. As an experienced mortgage company in the relocation sector, Premia continues to lead the way.

Our journey has solidified our position as industry leaders and fueled our drive for innovation. This includes streamlining practices like direct billing for closing costs, enhancing subsidy options and management, and continuously improving our technology for relocation mortgages to cater to the evolving needs of our clients.

Relocation mortgage lending isn't just a service we provide—it's our unwavering passion that propels us toward the future.

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Leadership Team

Nina Arnaiz, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Nina Arnaiz

Mark Britt, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Mark Britt, CRP, GMS

Senior Vice President
Business Development & Client Services
Michael Bailey, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Michael Bailey, CRP

Vice President
Client Experience
Sheila McKell, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Sheila McKell

Vice President
Scott McCain, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Scott McCain

Vice President
Business Development
Sharrell Kilgore, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Sharrell Kilgore, CRP

Vice President
Business Development
Ralph Burkley, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Ralph Burkley

Vice President
Business Development
Neil Demond, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Neil Demond, CRP

Regional Director
Business Development & Client Services
Michael Nasr, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Michael Nasr, CRP

Regional Director
Client Services
Ken Baker, Premia Relocation Mortgage

Ken Baker

Vice President

our foundation of 

Corporate Social Responsibility


We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. We believe that diversity of thought, background, and experience is a valuable asset that enriches our company culture and enables us to better serve our clients.

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A tree is planted on behalf of each homeowner we support. One Tree Planted is an environmental nonprofit that is dedicated to global reforestation. Learn more at onetreeplanted.org.

Approximately 98% of our customers choose electronic signatures for initial disclosures, re-disclosures, and closing packages. This is a significant paper savings, exceeding 200,000 pieces annually.

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We conduct business sincerely and ethically to foster growth, create jobs, and enhance community prosperity. This is integral to our supply chain management practices and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability through reliable, moralistic, and respectable business practices.

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