Diligence Makes the World Less Stressful

Russell is a member of our fulfillment team and recently received an email stating, “You have been the very best part of our relocation process.  If everyone was as diligent as you, the world would have considerably less stress.

Russell has over 15 years of customer service experience so we asked him how he became a rock star. He believes people are people with personalities, families, careers and a story. Russell likes to know the borrowers he works with so that he can customize his service to them. According to Russell, he meets people where they are and adapts to their communication style and sets expectations. He reminds borrowers that he is in their corner because as a family man himself, he knows what is at stake when relocating.  

DigitalMove Gives Access to Real Estate Agents, Relocation Consultants and Builders

Learn more on how we are putting power into the hands of real estate agents, builders and relocation consultants.  While confidential customer information is protected and secure, others important to the transaction can monitor the closing dates, loan progress and even upload real estate documents necessary to the transaction. 

If you are in real estate sales, it is time to stop wondering and know where your clients are in the mortgage process!  

Calculate  & Evaluate

Want to know how much home you can afford? Our calculators will help you determine the mortgage payment amount appropriate for your income and debt. Of course, you can also always give us a call! We're happy to walk through the numbers with you.  

 What Can a “Selfie” Win You?

One month’s mortgage payment! After your loan closes you can snap a “selfie” of you in or around your home to be entered into our Home Sweet Home “Selfie” Contest. Read how!

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